Migration time

Ugh, LJ, what the hell.

If you haven't already read, LJ is now requiring users to agree to a new TOS in order to log in - a TOS that requires users to agree that in accordance with Russian law "protecting minors" (protect THIS, LJ), any LGBT content will be treated as violating the terms of service.

Maybe this will prove to be yet another storm in a teapot, but it looks to me like the death of LJ for real, so I have just logged in long enough to let people know that henceforth any updates I make (and I know it's been a long time) will be over at Dreamwidth. Friend me there at sara_tanaquil, second verse, same as the first. I backed up my whole journal over there a while ago.

The historian in me won't let me delete all my content here, but I won't be able to update here any more. Well, at least my LGBT content is all friendslocked anyway, maybe the trolls in Russia will leave my stuff alone.

See some of you on the other side, I hope.

One Piece 58

Under the wire - One Piece volume 58!

Despite one quick proofreading, this is probably full of typos and god-only-knows-what, but I wanted to get it up before mangaroo had to return her copy to the library. mangaroo, I hope you can at least scribble down some notes in the way of a response before you have to take it back.

Also, T____T forever, but that kind of goes without saying

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One Piece 57

Lapsed, but not dead!

Japan is just over ONE WEEK AWAY (eek!), but I wanted to get at least a couple of these done before going. Then maybe I can use the post-Japan One Piece high to keep moving forward.

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One Piece 56

This is probably still kind of rough, but I have a million things going on this weekend and wanted to get it up sooner rather than later. I'll be back to fix the rough edges.

Life since the week before Thanksgiving, so crazy!

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One Piece 54

You would think Impel Down would be one of my least favorite arcs, what with all the immature toilet humor. And I thought maybe I would like it less the second time through. Nope - it's still one of my favorites. So hilariously epic. And the comedy is kind of a welcome relief against the deadly serious backdrop.

Vol. 55 is waiting in the wings.

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One Piece 52

I had forgotten how dense this volume was. (Maybe I should say "confusing." Once again, it was a lot clearer on re-reading in retrospect.)

Also, this could be considered rather a nasty cliffhanger. I will try to get on to 53 quickly.

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One Piece 51

Shabondy, yay! This is one of those arcs (kind of like Jaya, vols 24-25) that can be overwhelming at first and is probably better on a re-read, but even on a first read, it is still made of multiple layers of awesome.

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